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Matt Cutts Says: Brief Web page Recovery time Won’t Harm Your Search Rankings

Back when Googlebot used to spider your website once a month and position your website accordingly during the monthly Look for engines Dancing, the actual horror website owners used to have that their web page might be down when Googlebot came to spider was quite common.

Fortunately, times the modified and Googlebot is consistently obtaining sites on a very consistent basis. However, one of the realises in Google Webmaster Resources is a observe if a web page is down when Look for engines crawls.

A new Look for engines Webmaster help video delivers up the topic of what exactly happens when Googlebot can’t access the website and how that might impact Look for engine ranking positions.

According to Google Recognized Professional He Cutts if your web page is down just for a day, such as your variety being down or a server exchange, there shouldn’t be any negative effect to your engine positions. However, if the recovery time is prolonged, such as for two weeks, it could have effect on your engine positions because Look for engines doesn’t actually want to send the customer to a web page that they know has been down, because it provides the customer with a bad consumer experience.

Google does allow for for sites that are occasionally having recovery time, so Googlebot will check out again 24 hours later so and see if the website is available.

Cutts did discuss that if you think the problem isn’t with your web page, go and check out the Look for engines Webmaster help boards and see if there’s any similar content from individuals having the same problem. He raised a recent example where Googlebot actually was having a problem on its end getting pages when it came to obtaining sites, and well many customers got the observe that their web page was down, a quick look at the boards revealed that several individuals were having the exact same problem and so the problem was on Googlebot’s end.

Google does include this on Webmaster Resources realises to simply give website owners a heads-up that there could be a problem with their sites, so it gives website owners and mindful of examine what the problem could be. But if it is just for a few months period and the problem eliminates itself quickly, such as with a website hosts brief recovery time, there is no need for issue about it impacting your Look for engine ranking positions.


The Testing is over. Official: Search engines Google Moving Out App Launcher, Smooth Logo

Google has verified its programs to add a new app launcher to the primary Search engines routing bar that will provide customers faster accessibility other Search engines items.

It’s the same grid-style app launcher that many customers will already identify from Android operating system gadgets and Chromebook computer systems. Search engines has been examining this nav launcher since Feb, if not previously.

Here are screenshots offered by Google:


Also declared these days is a very minor change to Google’s logo. It’s hard to see in the picture above, but the logo is slimmer (the hot thing in style at the moment) and the shades are a little bit different. We’ll get our arms on the new logo soon, but for now here is a small screen shot from Google’s short article.


Google says the new company brand name and the app launcher/nav bar modify will be moving out over the next several of several weeks on most Search engines products.

Why Is SEO Important For Your Website?

Chances are that if you own a business or at least have something (services, product, talent or just simply ideas) that you would like people to know about, you have already created a website and are trying hard to put a word out into the world through it. Hence, it is clear that you are very much aware of the fact that in modern times without having an online presence, it is almost impossible to get people to notice you. Now, while creating an online presence is almost too easy these days, it is getting noticed that forms the more difficult aspect of the task. This is especially true if you happen to own a business. Putting up a website is comparatively easier than quickly making a name for your business in these increasingly competitive times.

However, what is the use of having a business that nobody knows about? What is the use of having a website that nobody visits? Sure, you can just sit tight and hope that somebody would take notice of your website sooner than later; but also keep in mind that when it is success you are aiming at, leaving things to chances and hoping that everything goes your way are luxuries that you really cannot afford. Hence, you must look for ways to make your online presence more visible to prospective buyers and there is hardly a better way to do this than Search Engine Optimization or what is better known as SEO.


A business will only develop online when it is advertised on the lines of SEO. In addition, sceptics who still doubt the need of SEO must realize that 75 percent of the whole organic traffic does not go past the first Search Engine Results Page (SERP) of Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Also, around the range of 53 percent of them tend to visit just the sites that rank within the top 10. Techniques like link building, content development, code optimization, on-page SEO, Social Media Optimization (SMO), Pay Per Click (PPC), video creation, etc work to give your website a new boost and thereby propel it to newer heights of success. And in case of business websites, better traffic almost always means better sales and better ROI. 

The search marketing industry continues to grow and change. Gone are those days when you would have to run as fast you could to stay aware of Google’s algorithmic keyword and link building strategies. The new SEO focuses on customer optimization strategy (COS), it includes thorough content campaign that incorporates the old SEO (which is not dead, by the way). It realizes exactly what the clients need in social and digital media through user generated content (UGC). Thus, we optimize to the customer sentiments since the web crawler is currently just a way to achieve the goal, a conversion.

My SEO Strategy

There are so many different SEO strategies; and different SEO experts will offer you with their favourite SEO technique. Have a look at the factors I consider while developing the right SEO strategy for your website:-

  • Your business
  • Your keywords
  • Your keyword’s competition
  • The age of your business
  • The previous SEO strategy used on your website.
  • The on-page and off-page SEO

The Six Important SEO Stages

When you hire the best Search engine guy for your website, you can always expect the best results. Have a look at the six important stages which helps me to get your website on the First page:-

  • The first free analysis/consultation of your website.
  • Detailed Keyword research analysis
  • A complete website review
  • SEO strategy development
  • Implementation of the strategy
  • Your first success party (Of course, I will be there).

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