Shade cloth & its types

The ultra violet rays of the sun cause huge damage to our environment than we can ever imagine. It can be dangerous to be out in the sun for a long period of time especially when the powerhouse of heat overheads us. If we spend too much time out in the sun then it can not only damage our skin but will also lead to some serious health hazards. The ultraviolet radiation does not only cause harm to the humans but the plants and animals also get duly affected. Young plants are prone to get damaged excessively owing to the extensive heat. Their delicate structures are devastated by the scorching rays of the hot sun.

Given the various ways by which the sun and its ultra violet rays can affect our environment, the health conscious souls have started making their way towards using various products like the shade cloth which protect them from the unbearable heat of the sun. The sun protective shade cloth is made to be available in different sizes and also caters to the varying necessities of mankind. It is a versatile sun protecting product which finds use in blocking out the harmful ultra violet radiation and providing adequate shade on porches.

These are used for various purposes and are also available in a wide variety of hues. They are basically of two types; one is the knitted one whereas the other one is the woven variety.

You can find the former one which is the knitted variety in people’s homes. Many people use the knitted shade cloth for shading their patios as well as porches. Apart from having more alluring appearance, the knitted variety is also quite popular for holding up to wear and tear for a longer period of time.

The woven variety is not that much expensive as compared to that of the knitted ones. The threads of a woven cloth mainly run in one direction and this is what reduces its cost of production. These types of cloths mainly find use in the agricultural fields or in construction purposes to check the soil erosion. These are available mostly in black colors.


The shade cloth is used in the garden for cutting down on the glare and heat and prevent the plants from drying out due to over exposure to heat.

If you are looking forward to get hold of a shade cloth, then make sure to contact a reputed firm manufacturing the same which can help you in choosing the right one.


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