Get a striking and graceful look with makeup services from Beauty school British Columbia

Do you want to know what kind of product would be best suited for your complexion? If you are willing to learn how to style faultless brows, hot smoky eye and day-to-day cool looks in only 2 hours, you must join Ana V Beauty Makeup 101 Class.

Join Beauty School British Columbia

Ana V Beauty doesn’t simply sell cosmetics. You may get numerous quality makeup brands, but the following are not easily available to you:

  • Qualified persons to assist you in selecting the best colors to highlight your personal beauty
  • Trustworthy makeup education programs, and
  • Handiness of products the performance and price you can nurture to ascertain and have faith in.

Makeup classes that will help you get the best look and products are: (1) Color Analysis and Makeup Lessons (2) Private Makeup Class, and (3) Advanced Makeup Class. With each class, you will be able to meet Ana in her private studio. She will demonstrate you the colors that will be best suited for your skin, eye and hair color. She will as well show you how you should use the colors that are not the best for you.

In the makeup lesson you will be taught the application of makeup with makeup techniques which will improve your features best and the employment of colors which will compliment your hair, skin and eyes. Ana will work with all levels of skills from novices to the more expert and you can trust your makeup looking faultless and natural. When you leave the class, you will feel smart and beautiful.

The mission of Beauty School British Columbia is simple: Learn how to be your own makeup pro. Hair and makeup are very significant. The mission at AVB Academy is to get ready committed students for fruitful careers in artistry of hair and makeup by means of providing them extraordinary teachers, training, products and exposure to industry in a creative and positive learning environment.

The team of Ana V Beauty is exclusive and of the top-quality – Ana V herself has trained them with her talents in the makeup and hair artistry, aesthetics and fitness.

Join free makeup classes British Columbia

Free Makeup Classes are held on Monday’s at 5 pm. So, stop by the studio of Ana V Beauty on Monday evenings 5:00 – 6:00 to learn tips and tricks of makeup for free. You will always get something novel to teach at free makeup classes British Columbia. You may book online to ensure your spot!


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