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How To Use Sites Of Paperless Online Coupon Without Using Printers

Sites that publish and market online coupons mainly offer ones that help in saving money – much similar to the coupons that come up with the weekend newspapers. One most significant privilege of these online coupon websites is that these sites can normally be used online as well as in stores. There are certain websites of online coupons that offer various types of discount and other coupons that are to be printed out and brought in the brick and mortal stores. However, there are certain other stores that offer various other ways of using these coupons even without the use of any printer whatsoever.

Let us see how this can be done in a step by step method:

1)      Firstly, you need to shop online for these coupons rather than visiting the conventional stores and purchasing these coupons. Once you acquire these online coupons, enter the coupon code at the checkout. You will find a number of websites for online coupons, which provide coupon codes from the major retailers. Some of these sites can exclusively be used for online shopping.

2)      The next step is saving the coupon to a Smartphone or iPhone that you may have and then let the cashier scan the coupon from your mobile device at the checkout. Printable coupons come up with specific barcodes that allows the cashiers to scan even though the coupon cannot be printed due to the absence of any printer or any other reason. However, you may find certain coupon stores that would need you to surrender your coupon when you are going to purchase.

3)      Next, download the coupon apps that function exclusively with your mobile device. There are a number of coupon apps that look for sites of online coupons. The objective of their search is to look for coupons that are fit to be used in-stores. This gives the cashiers the liberty to scan coupons from the mobiles or type in the code into registers directly.

4)      Once that is done, take the print out of the in-store coupons from any library or your relative’s neighbor’s or friend’s house. These printable coupons are normally available in .PDF form. You can also save them and take their print outs in convenient time in case you do not have any printer at your house.

Hence, it is quite clear that the absence of a printer is in no way a hindrance to using sites of online coupons. Some of these paperless online coupons can be loaded onto a store card or they can be downloaded to a mobile phone that is compatible. A few others can be availed from the Sunday newspapers where they appear along with the advertisements for personal care as well as health products. Again, you will find quite a number of coupons that are available with promos of restaurants, grocery stores, drugstores, online retailers and so on.

There are many sites that lets you create online paperless coupons. QponCloud

is one such site where you can make coupon and also find many live coupons.


How To Design And Develop Online Personalized Coupons

Personalized discount coupons are really the most trusted as well as a traditional way for businesses of various niches to entice and lure customers into purchasing products and services. If designed and developed in a proper and professional way, these personalized coupons can do wonders by benefiting the businesses in more than a way! They would allow new customers to experience the products or services in form of samples for much lesser cost. These coupons can also give the lapsed customers enough reason to revert back. Each of these online coupons should be distinct in getup and look and should be designed in unique way, so that they carry with them certain unique aspects of advertisings that are hitherto untried and untested! Let us see how they can be designed and developed.
Step 1:
Examine all the likely aspects and fallout of potential discounts or other promos before you actually offer them. For example, if a restaurant gets a decent evening trade but a dull lunch trade, then going for a personalized discount lunch coupon is more justified than a general offer. However, if people staying in the locality where the restaurant is situated do not have a knack of having lunch out, then it will be wiser to opt for discount coupons for dinners as the nights are likely to be better and more ‘happening’ for the restaurant.
Step 2:
You need to follow the fundamental rule of offering discount – if the business is already a well known brand, you need to make the name or logo of the business the most important and prominent feature in the coupon. However, if it is a startup business or one that is hardly or not known, you need to put more emphasis on the offer itself while designing the coupon, rather than the name or logo of the business.
Step 3:
There are certain well known magic words that are used in the world of advertising – “new, “free”, “exclusive”, “50 per cent off for two entries” and so on. While these at times might sound quite attractive depending upon the niche of the business and nature of the discount, you may use customized terms that will generate extra interest for specific customers.
Step 4:
Do not use words – instead use numbers as they will be more eye-catching. For example, if you use the term “Fifty percent” it will be a bit harder to be spotted compared to “50 %”, which is easier to be noticed. Especially when you stuff too much of info in the coupon, this works really well!
Step 5:
When you design, try to leave some vacant or white spaces, especially around the design elements. Do not make your coupon too much crowded with too many things as that can be an eye-sore for your customers. Too much stuffing of things will result in customers skipping vital info intentionally or inadvertently.

Step 6:
Use graphics as much as you can as they will be able to attract customers easily. Cartoons and figurines will go some extra miles in attracting customers, especially for families with kids.

Step 7:
You need to provide an ending date depending upon the type of media you have chosen. For example, if you have chosen an email to inform customers about the offer, it should last between 48 and 72 hours. Again, if you have opted for a local newspaper, it should end in 30 days. However, if you have chosen coupons that will be mailed to customers in envelops, you can have the liberty of extending the self- life of the offer up to a few months. Whatever end date you choose, you need to have a solid and convincing enough reason, for which customers need to opt for the offer “right now” instead of sometime later on!

Step 8:

Last but not the least; you need to code the coupon in such a manner so that it is possible for you to track the date, offer, media, number created as well as the response in a proper way. All these information will help you develop a knowledge database that will later on allow you to restructure and refine the offer and use the coupons in a more strategic way to get the most from the offer!

Before we wind up, let us see look into some available tools for designing and developing these coupons. Majority of these tools come for free while some ask for payment.

Some of the free coupon making tools is:

Easy Coupon Maker: It is a straightforward and simple interface that generates .PNG image that can be printed or can be shared online.

One Minute Coupon: With the help of this tool, one can design a coupon by creating customized texts as well as images and can upload the same on the website for the customers to have a look. Customers can print them or can click to have a look at the entire bunch to choose from.

Then there is Simple Coupon creator that will help design and create as many coupons as possible.

Another site is which offers varieties of printable coupons, though the user will have to manage the tracking mechanism. There are various templates available from Microsoft which helps in designing coupons. However, the tracking mechanism is absent in these templates. Tracking will have to be maintained manually.
QponCloud offers online tool to create coupon. It has many attractive templates to design your coupon the way you like. It also allows adding your customer’s name and email on it to make each coupon personal to your customer. It allows you to track redemption of each coupon. You can mark a coupon redeemed by making it not usable next time. At the same time, you know which customer used you coupon. QponCloud also allows prospective customers to request coupon from you. You can increase your customer base by issuing coupons to customers who requested coupon.