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Events in Kolkata and suburbs

Apart from the national and international news, how many of us read the regional news?? The answer is a quite a large number of people. In fact the people living in the suburban region of Kolkata are more interested to know the regional news, as that affects them the most. The regional news in Kolkata covers a huge location as that includes all the suburban and the nearby locations, apart from the main metropolitan city. During certain times, it has been observed that the citizens are more inquisitive about the regional news than the national or international news.


Evolution of regional news in Kolkata:

During the initial days, print media and broadcasting media, mainly focussed on the national and the international based news stories. Slowly and steadily they understood the nerve of the readers and concentrated on the regional news. There are several regional news channels and newspapers in Kolkata, and in order to compete with each other, journalism has become commercial. Nowadays each of the television networks has at least one news channel. For instance, one of the private television channel, have their news channel in almost every regional language. Thus the viewers are aware the channel will provide them with all kinds of regional languages, making it easier for the people to follow the news. Thus it is quite obvious; viewers will prefer that news channel to others.

Focus of the regional news in Kolkata:

Presently, the sex scandals, false cases, juvenile violence and other dramatic situations are the main headlines of the regional news in Kolkata. As days are passing by, Kolkata, the City of Joy is becoming more and more unsafe. The regional locations of Kolkata comprised of the city outskirts, the adjoining areas of the city and also the surrounding areas of the city. The political ideas and the criminal offences are the main regional news.

Future of the regional news in Kolkata:

In the present day world, it can be noticed, that most of the news becomes breaking news or the headline of news. In the rat race of all the print and broadcasting media, everyone is in search of byte or scoop. Currently, the channels due to the 24 hour format do not have enough time to create a convincing news story for the viewers. Same with the newspapers, as most of the pages are filled with the advertisements.



The Growth and Development of Online News Portals

Media houses are using the internet to reshape their dissemination structure. They are publishing news online and re-modelling newspaper publishing on websites, taking the advantage of blogging and web feeds in every hour or less than that.

When the internet had its successful introduction in the early 1990’s, probably, no one did think about its immense success in every aspect of our life. Utilizing its power of e-governance (electronic governance), it has made the world- a global village.  Now it has become the lifeline of modern telecommunication system. The internet has covered almost sectors, superseding the other types of communications.


Having effective role and massive power of data transformation and dissemination of information, media professionals wanted its successful implementation in their domain. They discern that the internet will be the most powerful means in this transitional period- when the information society is transforming into a knowledge society. Local and national government, too, encouraged this endeavour, discerning this effective means can make a significant social change by making a very good voter. To be more precise, almost all nations understood that this medium could bring mass awareness promptly. By means of it, governments can motivate the masses towards a common goal of achieving something with their least possible efforts. With the aid of it, media and presses tried to broadcast information to aware people about the daily happenings and current affairs round the world.

Since then to date, media are in their utmost endeavours to inform people about their surroundings to make them aware of social, political cultural and economic conditions of a state, country and the world, as well. This awareness helps people to be transformed from an informative people to knowledge people to render us a knowledge society. This knowledge society has the power to cope with different social and political situations.

Consequently, different media have used it to reshape their dissemination structure with the aid of it. They are publishing news online. They have remodeled newspaper publishing on websites. They are taking the advantage of blogging and web feeds in every hour or less than that. These online news portals not only can cover the whole hemisphere, but also require minimal skills in coding with JavaScript and HTML.