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The Testing is over. Official: Search engines Google Moving Out App Launcher, Smooth Logo

Google has verified its programs to add a new app launcher to the primary Search engines routing bar that will provide customers faster accessibility other Search engines items.

It’s the same grid-style app launcher that many customers will already identify from Android operating system gadgets and Chromebook computer systems. Search engines has been examining this nav launcher since Feb, if not previously.

Here are screenshots offered by Google:


Also declared these days is a very minor change to Google’s logo. It’s hard to see in the picture above, but the logo is slimmer (the hot thing in style at the moment) and the shades are a little bit different. We’ll get our arms on the new logo soon, but for now here is a small screen shot from Google’s short article.


Google says the new company brand name and the app launcher/nav bar modify will be moving out over the next several of several weeks on most Search engines products.