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It Was Never So Cheap To Create, Design And Send Coupons to Your Customers

How coupons help businesses? 

When it comes to development of business or extending customer base, coupons happen to be the most effective tool. While majority of the people would consider these coupons to be mere discounts designed for the promotion of product or service, the reality is vastly different. They also help the market share as well as sales volume of a particular business to increase, help faster selling of a product or service, generate new customers and outwit and obscure rival advertising. They also help by generating repeat business, accelerating purchase, increase the rate of consumption, and block aggressive messaging by competitors.

Speaking about creating, designing and sending or distributing coupons, all these are extremely vital aspects of effective promotion of modern business through online. In fact, such has been the popularity of these online coupons that the redemption rose to 10% in USA during the Q4 of 2008. During the first 6 months of the following year, it had risen to a whopping 308%, while as many as 10 million online coupons were redeemed during the same period.

This is primarily because most of the companies, especially the smarter ones have realized that coupons are the greatest and the most effective way to get newer customers and retain the existing ones. More and more local businesses are also getting into the act, using online coupons as the most cost effective as well as simple tool of taking local customers into confidence. However, to ensure that the coupons have a positive and significant effect on the customer psyche, a well planned designing, creation and distribution strategy are needed.

Creating And Designing Coupons

The first step to create and design online coupons involves determining the amount of discount that you would like to offer your customers. Besides, you also need to settle on how long you would want the promotion to run.  Make sure that there is a crystal clear declaration about it in your coupon along with a specific tag line that will actually lure the customers. Also, do not forget to mention the catch in an ambushed form for that is what is going to get you revenue at the end of the day!

Next, it is time to create the coupon. You can take care of many sites that will help you in this. You will find a lot which are suitable for the bigger players but not exactly suitable for starters like you (if you are one). Hence, you need to opt for the ones that will help you to reach out to the local market and customers and help you to promote your service or product in a shoe-string budget.

Sending and Distributing coupons:

Coupons can be created by simply sending a particular offer to your customers via an e-mail. You can also use blogs to promote your online coupons and send them over to your existing and potential customers. Posting them on the online directory of business or social networking site will also help in a great way. Especially, if you are in a business that offers a service (not a product), creating a Craigslist post in the appropriate service category will work wonder. Other popular ways are adding coupon banner on your company site, purchasing a paid ad banner, using short video clipping for promoting the product or service, and putting coupons across social shopping sites.

The most amazing part is that the procedure involves a modest amount of investment and thus, will never compel you to overshoot your budget and that’s where the catch lies!

Comparing Options for Coupons

Now let us come to relatively more serious stuff – comparing the options that you have, while choosing a certain type of coupon. You will come across various types of coupons. Each of these comes up with its own features and some unique capabilities, pros and cons. You need to select the one that will serve your purpose the best. You need to evaluate the efficacy of any type of coupon against the following parameters – Customer Reach or the number of customers the coupon is likely to cater to, type of business it is going to influence, design, cost involved, whether the coupons can be downloaded and last but not the least, whether the coupons can be personlaized and the types of deals they can offer to the customers.

There are many options available when it comes to creating coupons. We are considering following four options in this blog – Craiglist, QponCloud, Coupon Inc, and Groupon Inc. The following table will give you an idea about all these four types of coupons and their efficacies:




Coupons Inc.

Groupon Inc

Customer Reach (Local/National)


Local and National


Local and National

Good For

(Small business or enterprise)

Small Business

Small Businesses

& Enterprises


Small Businesses and Enterprise

Coupon Design Support

None (DIY)

Multiple Options

Multiple Options

Few options





Very High

Simple Coupon Download




No (Social Deals only)

Personalized Coupons Or Deals


Personalized Coupons